I apologize for being away for so long without any updates.  We are officially moved into our trailer and in the general region of where we will be building our home.

The trailer has had a few issues here and there that we have been able to deal with like a cracked water filter, thanks to the cold snap in December before Christmas, a small leak near the water heater, and just learning how to deal with all the moisture.  Lots of moisture! The humidity is taking me some time to get use to and it has me wiping down windows usually twice a day.  Maybe it’s my own anxiety, but I worry about mold and mildew damaging our current home!

We just started our first real week of homeschooling.  I am choosing to unschool with some amount of structure and routine where possible.  Adair has been doing well.  He has chosen to work a lot on studying astronomy and and working on reading with me.  When it seems he is tired of a topic he is working on, I have been offering him different options that are educationally beneficial.  We have been making an effort to get outside everyday for walks, to play Frisbee, or go for a hike despite all the rain. 

Now that we have direct access to the internet, I am excited to be able to share our adventures.


Lazy Sunday

It has been a pretty laid back Sunday. I am getting prepared to roll up my sleeves and get some more packing done as soon as Monday arrives.

Today my son is playing with Universe Sandbox on the computer. It’s a space simulator that allows you to move planets, stars, etc and play around with their locations and orbits. You can recreate a replica of the solar system or move items around to experience how that would effect the physics of the planets and stars in space. It’s been a nifty little tool for our son in his free time to further engage him in his current favorite topic of astronomy.

Our Little Family’s Adventures

As we begin cleaning this tiny apartment and packing a multitude of odds and ends away, I am realizing our family is about to embark on another adventure.  I am excited!  We have no idea what we are doing other than learning from others, books, online resources, etc.  This is going to be a very real learning experience and a very exciting adventure.  I am hoping to document much of it through this blog.

I hope you will find some enjoyment reading about our little family’s adventures in homeschooling, building a home, growing food and anything else life throws our way.  There is sure to be a lot of laughter, learning, and fun times ahead.